Friday, October 7, 2011

How to do Girl's Hair: Hair Rosette Headband Hairstyle Video Tutorial

A cute easy and FAST hairdo for those fellow moms who have more than one girl's head of hair to do before school! My little blondie started Kindergarten this year, and holy smokes do I have to be on top of it to get them both ready in a short amount of time. I've opted for the "one fancy, one quick" hairdoing, and then we rotate. My girls could care less which one they are in the morning, it's more to appease mom!

These are pics from a previous post. As you can see in this video, the placement doesn't always turn out perfect! I apologize--it's just indicative of my life right now: I have X amount of minutes to accomplish something (ex: the hair video) and I just have to do the best I can in those allotted minutes and take what I can get! My sweet baby really dictates my schedule, as you can hear her voicing her commands! Enjoy!

Hair Rosette Headband Hairdo:

To view my video on how to make your own headband like this, go here: Rosette Headband.

The ideal hairstyle

The main difference between my video and the above pics are the placements of the ponytails. You can see I didn't pull all of her hair in the front into ponytails, but just the hair from where it matches up with her eye and over. DO THIS, if you want your rosettes closer together. Do what I show on the video if you want all the front hair pulled up. Both are good--just depends on what look you prefer.

Happy Hairdoing!