Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to do FUN hair color on your girls! Video Tutorial

So my fabulous hair stylist friend, who's always doing something fun and exciting, put some super darling colors in her girls' hair this summer. When my gals saw it, they immediately turned to me with those puppy dog eyes that pled "PUHLEEZE Mommy!?" We had to give it a try! Because it's semi permanent, I felt ok about putting it in their healthy and pristine never-been-damaged hair (well, I felt less guilty). Take a peek!

I love how it peeks out from her braid here:

The pics of my older brunette's color didn't do the color justice, so I didn't include them. Don't be put off by my photo UN-expertise skills, this was really fun! My little blondie really loved having "barbie' hair for a few weeks!

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